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  • Home ports

    The SOVREN Yacht Club’s private fleet of yachts will be berthed in some of the world’s most idyllic locations. Fly in: sail off. Experience a pleasure and relaxation that begin with the certainty that the service and vessel that await you will be of a consistent, superior standard to that of whichever of our six fleets you have visited before.

    Discover a world away from the ordinary. In which each new experience surpasses the last, however perfect that seemed.

  • Ibiza

    The ultimate Spanish party island, Ibiza hosts a young, sporty and fun loving crowd throughout the season. The vibrant Ibiza marinas are the perfect base from which to explore Formentera or the paradise beaches at Ses Salinas or Cala Conta by day, and enjoy the restaurants, clubs and bars of the old town late into the night.

  • Monaco

    Unique in its sophistication, yacht-set lifestyle and unashamed affluence, Monaco is the sailing jewel of the Med. With Port Hercule attracting the world’s most beautiful yachts, the annual thrills of the Grand Prix, the excitement and glamour of its casinos and its fine hotels and luxury shopping, at sea or ashore, Monaco has it all.

  • Phuket

    In the search for perfect beaches, crystal clear waters and faultless climate Phuket, and its lively Royal Phuket Marina, is the perfect base. Sail Asia’s most beautiful waters, discovering the cliffs of Krabi and Phang Nga Bay, the breathtaking beaches of Koh Phi Phi or the mesmerising diving around the Similan Islands.

  • Bali

    With more than 17,000 unspoiled islands in the warm, clear waters that surround it, Bali and its picturesque marina is a paradise base from which to explore, swim, snorkel, scuba dive and fish; or from which to explore the islands legendary beaches and coves, or enjoy its restaurants and beach bars nestled beneath the stars.

  • Bahamas

    Boasting some of the world’s stellar beaches and noted for phenomenal sailing and experiential diving and fishing grounds, the 700 Islands of The Bahamas comprise a unique archipelago which unites a combination of natural wonder, cultural charm and historical attractions. Home to almost a quarter of the Earth’s coral, the azure seas are inhabited by the most spectacular tropical fish and the picturesque villages scattered amongst the many islands exude the enchantment of the native West Indies charm.